How To Apply For Duplicate Aadhar Card if You lost Aadhar Card Number

If you lost your Aadhar card than Don’t panic you will get duplicate  Aadhar card without going to enrolment center. UIDAI provide so many options if you need to update, change or apply for new or duplicate Aadhar card. You can apply for duplicate Aadhar card if you have Aadhar card number or Aadhar card acknowledgment slip that given at the time of registration. You can download duplicate Aadhar card online without any fee if u have lost Aadhar Card Number. 

Duplicate Aadhar Card has the same validity as the original so you don’t need to worry. you simply follow the below mention step to generate duplicate Aadhar card. I have one small request if you have lost Aadhar Card Number than the only request for duplicate Aadhaar card. 

How To Apply For Duplicate Aadhar Card:

To generate Duplicate Aadhar card first you need to know your Aadhar card or Enrolment number. without these, you can not download new Aadhar card or duplicate Aadhar card.that’s why your first try to recover your Aadhar card and then we will help you to download duplicate Aadhar card. 


Get Duplicate Aadhar Card



First, you need to click on above button. You have to select any one option from the left side.. which may be Aadhaar card or Enrolment number. 

You need to enter your correct Name, Mobile number, and email id 

Aadhar Card Download by Name and Date of Birth


 Fill The Information

you need to fill your information like  Name, register Email Id, registered Mobile number and fill security captcha and Click on Send One Time Password button which shown in above images. once you clicked on one-time password button than it will disappear from the screen and a green notification.

check your mobile number for OTP

Aadhar Card Download by Name and Date of Birth



 Enter OTP

OTP is delivered to your mobile number now fill the one time password on the right side screen. Simply press the Verify OTP button and You will now get your Enrollment Number OR Aadhar Number on your phone.


Aadhar Card Download by Name and Date of Birth


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  Aadhar number Generated

You will get Aadhar number on your mobile. check your mobile number for Aadhar card.



You will get Aadhaar card on your mobile now most of the work is done successfully. Now we move to download Aadhar card step. 

 Download Aadhaar Card



 Change Aadhaar Card Option

Once you reached the Official website then select the Aadhaar option from the right side option.


Fill Your Information

You need to fill your personal detail like your Aadhaar Number, Full Nameand Pin Code and Captcha (to stop spam activity)



 Wait For OTP

This step takes so much time because Aadhaar card website is used by so many people and so many people are requesting for OTP at the same time which increases the load on their server and OTP service will take more.

For OTP you need to click on Get One Time Password button and wait for at least 1 to 5 mints. if you need your OTP fast then I would recommend that try same step at early morning like before 8 am.


once you click on Get One Time Password button you will get the new window asking your permission to confirm your mobile.



You will get OTP on your mobile. Please check your mobile for OTP



Aadhaar card is Successfully downloaded you can open the downloaded file.



The downloaded pdf file is password protected. Please use first 4 alphabets of your name in uppercase and year of birth as a password to open the E-Aadhaar pdf file.

PDF को खोलने के लिए आप अपने नाम के पहले 4 अक्षर और जन्म की साल डाले। for example आपका नाम Ompal है और आपके जन्म की साल 1990 है तो आपका पासवर्ड OMPAL1990 होगा..


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You can have successfully downloaded  Aadhaar card in lost Aadhar Card Number situation. 

Aadhar Card Download by Name and Date of Birth